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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Steps to Flash TWRP Recovery without Root via Fastboot & Flashify and Rasher

How to Flash Recovery without Root and Root via Fastboot and  Flashify and Rasher

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Things You know Before Flashing 

Method of Flashing 

TWRP Recovery Download 

Flashing TWRP Recovery  

Flashify method

Rasher Method

if you are searching for flashify without Root so  You can do flash Recovery without flashify coz there no one yet discover flashing through flashify without it not possible no need yet to not worry if you want flash recovery without Root then you are in right place in this post we provide in-deep guide can help you out to flash TWRP recovery without Root   If you trying to unlocked your Bootloader and trying to flash Recovery however somehow you have a myth that it always been one of hard step no if still thinking this for me it is one of the Simple step ether work when you properly do following Step but few things you have to know

See, How to Flashify Works For Root Users 

Things you have to know before Flash Recovery like TWRP

(Read Full Article for prevent Any Damages)

Right here we talking about flashing Recovery without Root however if you need a hassle free Flashing then you should follow the Root Method don’t worry we are forecast flashing Recovery Root and without Root and Root Also one another thing you have to know that Flashing Recovery method same to all Device however left unlocking boot loader is different e.g

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However one is the Basic method works with every device

  • Go to your phone Developer Option
  • Make Sure enable USB Debugging
  • You can Follow Right now
  • Boot into Stock Recovery
  • Check if adb or Fastboot is  showing up
  • Then Check Your Device First by putting Command

"Fastboot Device"


If listed e.g VKMLLLLLDLD

Then Put command to unlock Bootloader

"Fastboot OEM Unlock"

Then Put Command in order to Format(keep backup before do follow this your Device)

"Fastboot Format userdata"

Then put

"Fastboot Reboot Reboot"


If you have OEM unlocking option into your Developer option then no need to do these step


You can check how to Unlock Boot loader of this Phones First then you can Following which provided here

Before you flash Recovery

Android2techpreview is not responsible for any damages you are own responsible


While Don’t Go Directly Flash before you follow this

  • Make Sure you have at least 70% Charge into your Phone(
  • Backup your Device
  • First Unlock Boot loader
  • We Need TWRP Recovery Package

Here is the list to Download to Download TWRP Recovery

Download Here

Make Sure Whichever your Device is Make Sure Download First Now what should have do after downloading the TWRP Package you should have to follow with PC
Now Go to PC
Make Sure you have ADB driver installed into your PC if not download here
Now locate in drive C>Adb Folder
Now paste there Download Recovery.img file

Within the Folder
"Press Shift+left click mouse"

now choose Open command prompt here
CMD will Pop Up
Now you have to follow this command
First Check is your Device is listed or not
"Fastboot Device"
If listed your Device showing like this E.g VMVMJJJJJJJJJJWW
However it possible change coz it was an example
Then Put command

(No Need to Do OEM unlock Again Replace with This Command)

Same Check Devices with command 

"Fastboot Devices"
"Fastboot Flash Recovery Recovery.img"

Now after flashing done
Put in command
"Fastboot Format userdata"

Then put

"Fastboot Reboot Reboot"

Then you can check your Recovery is flashed
However this is without Root Method to Flash Recovery into your Phone
If it works then you can also follow after Rooting your Device
See You can check over here how to Root
So now you Rooted Your Device Well

Now install Flashily into your Device

Open Flashify

It Need Root Access

Now Go for the  Recovery image

Now Select TWRP Recovery(or choose the downloaded TWRP)  

Tap Flash then wait


Install it First

Allow Root Access

Take Backup always

Choose Recovery from Storage

Pick Downloaded TWRP Recovery file

at the End Flash it

After Success you can now use you recovery 
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