Monday, 9 July 2018

How to get free likes on Instagram without liking other picture

How to get free likes on Instagram without liking other picture

if you are using Instagram and you are just addicted to upload photos while you are not getting the likes in your Instagram app but not to worry if you are using Instagram in recent not used before so you need to know that likes won,t came up quickly as you are looking forward to get free likes on Instagram 

Very Frankly Instagram likes depends on your follower rate if no buddy follow you how you can think that you get likes instant it does't mean that you won't get likes instant in This Post You know how to get free like on Instagram without liking other post and good is that it works on both android and iOS

Ways to get likes on Instagram Organically 

Really there is no secret to to get Instagram likes free unless you are doing theses things properly  

You Can Build Your Profile and Engage your followers to like your post 

You can tell followers to like your post  

However this things not works for few of you i know it seems hard not getting likes but you will after reading this post you came to know that it really possible to get likes free 

This method quite tricky atleast you can find that you no need to like other post to get likes however you can like other to get likes but i not tell you that 

how to get free likes on Instagram Right Now

In this App You getup to  60 likes a Day and get 1800 likes for whole month is what you getting is worth doing nothing for getting the Instagram like for your understanding  video attached here you will know perfectly 

First Download the App


There after login in app

choose get free 5 likes

You get every two hour 5 likes without doing anything do every two hour to getup to 60 likes a day

Now time to get like by doing order like

Now see your Instagram Profile

i hope you understand 

i can expect a worth like for Android2techpreview's Instagram page 

if you having any issue please comment below 
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Saturday, 23 June 2018

How to turn off predictive text on ios 10 Right Now

How to turn off predictive text on ios 10

How to turn off predictive text on ios 10

if you are searching for how you can easily able to off the prediction of iOS well the prediction quite good to use while in typing its suggest words when you type and also give wide area correction of particular word that you type while In the iOS is quite easy to turn off this suggestion does’t  matter which device’s you are using right now it may be iOS 10,11,9,8, or 7 the process of Turing of these suggestion are same
But if you off this suggestion thereafter there is no suggestion is present while you type of the massage which is not good quite a bit I know that we spell word correctly lack sometime happens that you wrote wrong spelling which is not good as I seen while typing but rather if you feel turn this off this prediction yes of curse you can easily able turn off this
Note that
It might be off predicting while you other instant messaging apps    such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger
How to turn off this prediction right now
First you need to open your iPhone or iPad
Now you need to go to settings
You find the General option which is present in every iOS version either you use iOS 10,11,8,7
Now on General settings
Find keyboard
Now you will find two options

Auto correction and predictive
You need to turn off both these option in order to turn off this

After Turing this off now
There is no suggestion while in Message

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Friday, 22 June 2018

How to add someone to a group text ios 10 in iPhone & iPad

How to add someone to a group text ios 10

how to add someone to a group text ios 10

if you want to add someone in group chat in iOS 10 most of instant messaging platforms provide you to add user in chat whether its android to but In This post we only tell you about iMessage which is quite popular in iPhone and most of iPhone user use for conversation between each other but did you know that you can only able to add someone in group chat which is truly is possible to add easily but while if your conversation having only one person means two person in the chat that means in this condition you cannot be able add someone into your conversation

it doesn’t mean that you cannot able to add someone if you conversation but condition must be applicable if you already created a group chat.

As now you know that you can only able to add people while group is already created not while conversation is between two people if you are trying adding android users which not possible in iMessage thus you can only add people who are using currently in iPhone or iPad and as well they using i iMessage also

If you use WhatsApp You know if you were joined by someone in the group the massage you see only after joining and the Massages are you are seen at the point of joining and you can’t able to see massage before you join likewise in the iMessage you can only able to see the massage at the time of joining In WhatsApp you can add any user in your group chat but in the iMessage you can only able to add iOS user  

Add someone to a group text ios 10 in iPhone and iPad

Open Your iPhone or iPad

Open the Message App

Now Select the group you want to add

On the top you  will see the details of the group

Now you need the  add contact

Now done

Thus, this step you can add anyone in the group
If this works that Comment below      

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iPad is disabled connect to iTunes Fix without updating in Few Min

iPad is disabled connect to iTunes Fix without updating in Few Min

Before I tell You the frustration while seen iPad is disabled connect to iTunes so this happens with me and the worst thing is happens that it just disabled and so I cannot be able to fix soon I found that I do my fault that I was forgot my pass-code and I tried a lot more time to open my iPhone is just disabled many time and after trying more it just gone disabled I still not find any way to unlock that

After to many attempts I found way to get back In this post I will tell how you can easily able to get back your iPad in Normal so this works cool and really it helps you out from being disabled so lets Fix iPad is disabled connect to iTunes

Things you may need to know that before getting fixed

I Seen many of you tries to unlock iPad while it but fails due to you exactly how to solve that you need to know that iPad can be unlock without updating the iPhone it can fixed with the restore iPad via iTunes but wait Did You need an authorization before iPhone unlock which you need to complete otherwise you cannot able to unlock the iPad

How to Fix iPad disabled without updating iTunes

Yes! You heard well you don,t need to update your iPhone you can just restore iOS and get back to your normal so how you do this right now In order to this right from the Mac or if you are using a Windows luckily iTunes works both platform Mac and Windows

If You already have a iTunes that its or you are first time face this issue and you have not installed iTunes Yet on Your System Don’t worry both links are available to download in Mac and Windows in below and you need proper internet connection or if the restore file already have on your Mac or Windows so you don’t need to download 



This Process is what use in Restoring an iPhone full process check here 

First You Need to Get Your iPad to DFG Mode (While This is Necessary to do )

When the Connect to iTunes appears on Your iPad

iTunes automatically detect your iPad and restore option 

available to restore your iPad You need just wait for while the full restore file download to your iTunes and don’t worry if you already have a Restore file in to your computer you can just put it to iTunes

You have to press simulatitly press this in order to get the file
Now tap after restore if download or if you have just transfer the Restore file

Wait unit the restore process if finish

Congrats Your iPad now unlocked

At the End I think you get back your iPad to normal let comment below if you still not able to get back your iPad

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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

How to Downgrade iOS 12 Beta in iPhone 5s,6,6s,7,7 Plus

How to Downgrade iOS 12 Beta in iPhone 5s,6,6s,7,7 Plus  

If you are installed iOS 12 into Your Device but You want to downgrade right now so in this post we will tell you how you can easily able to downgrade your iPhone at few clicks so if you are installed iOS 12 and experience bugs and other issue that you can do downgrade right now

iOS 12 come with lots of new features and it  available for most of the iOS device unlike Apple also include the older devices including the iPhone 6, 6S and surprisingly also include the iPhone 5s well  its good for the iPhone 5s which still getting update form Apple so lets Downgrade iOS 12 Beta
to iOS 11

Which Device getting iOS 12 beta  Here List

iPhone X

iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone 8

iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7

iPhone 6s

iPhone 6

iPhone 5s


How to downgrade iOS 12 Beta Right Row

In order to downgrade you need to know you can do these things to downgrade

An iOS downgrade is possible when you are just installed the beta updates without jailbreak but in the case of downgrading of iOS with stable without beta updates this primarily need jailbreak unless the downgrading won’t work now

We are going to downgrade the beta update that means we not needed to jailbreak or if you jail broken your iPhone then also there is no problem so let’s start doing downgrade

Must Needed to downgrade
Apple iTunes 

For Mac

Windows 32 bit 64 bit

Data Sync Cable

Working internet connection

Well if you thinking Why Apple iTunes let me tell you that you cannot able to downgrade your iOS with un-jailbreak this method is un-jailbreak so you need to understand we use Apple iTunes to follow downgrade

If you are not did before downgrade don’t worry just follow this steps 

First You need to power off your iPhone

Now you need go to DFU Mode

Wait When Connect with iTunes Appears


Get Back to Your Apple iTunes

Now iTunes Detected that You are in Recovery Mode

Now We Just Restore with latest iOS 11

Its takes take complete depends upon your internet speed

Well I Think you understand how you can easily downgrade iOS 12 beta without having a jailbreak 

Comment Below if You are successful to un-jailbreak    

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How to downgrade Your iPhone 4S iOS 9 to iOS 8 NO-SHSH-BLOBS

How to downgrade Your iPhone 4S iOS 9 to iOS 8 NO-SHSH-BLOBS

In This post we will tell you how you can easily able to downgrade your iOS 9 to 8 but this method is only works with jailbreak method we are not include un-jailbreak method so this prime for the jailbreak users and this method does not need unthreaded iOS9.3.5 To iOS8.4.1 NO SHSH BLOBS for 32 bit iPhone this can only limited to the iPhone 4S

iOS 9 comes lots more features and one of the last update for the iPhone while this iPhone running iOS 9 right now and there is no iOS 10 Apple for the iPhone 4S and this iOS 10 update is limed to the iPhone iPhone 5 and 5C and seems last update for this device not because this update brings much improvement and main reason behind there is no update for the older generation iPhone's coz current generation device are running the 64 Bit System and older iPhone running including iPhone 4s 32 bit

Things You cannot able to do after downgrade

One of the thing is common after downgrade which you can experience no doubt that your iPhone 4S faster a bit but you are lose iOS 9 features and you cannot to use it on your iPhone in iOS 8 rather than that you cannot able use new apps on App Store which is the main lack that I ever experienced with iPhone 4 earlier

Until now what I seen in App Store that most of Apps currently support for iOS 8 firmware so its good for iPhone 4s users but worst case on iPhone 4 and older than that like iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 3G for this iPhone mostly few apps are currently supports

Yes! You need to agree that however the Apps moving to latest iOS not because they developers don’t won’t allow us include older device in there update developers include more feature to the apps and it difficult to developers to give all features to the all generation iPhone   

How to Downgrade iPhone 4S to iOS 8.4.1

As You understand if you downgrade your iPhone 4s you will lose some features and can’t able latest apps so while we understand iPhone 4s on iOS 9 but its quite a bit not stable and sometimes lags while opening apps and few apps not stable so you are trying to downgrade to your iPhone 4s In Order to downgrade you need to jailbreak otherwise you cannot able to downgrade

Let’s start downgrade


Go to Cydia First

Download iFile or You can go with Filza File Manager Also
Open iFile Now Go to Core service


Now Open the SystemVersion.plist

Things to Change in the SystemVersion.plist

First change the Product Name

Chaange the Value to 6.0

Now Need to Change the ProductBuildversion

Keep In Mind While Changing This if you done this wrong might be you faced in Cydia so keep do it right We are not responsible for any damages You are own responsible to doing this

First Download the IPSW file

Check the Build Version of the File

Now You done this and


Go to Setting

Now check you know see there is iOS 8.4.1 Update appears and start download   


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Friday, 15 June 2018

How to get gta san andreas on android free with Google Opinion Rewards

How to get gta san andreas on android free with Google Opinion Reward  

How to get gta san andreas on android free

I think you well understand with the title that how to get gta san andreas on android free so its truly paid for download but if you want this game download from the Play Store You can download it for free it depends upon will you able to get or not but here I am sharing how I download GTA san Andreas for free  

If you still confused that how can be download GTA San Andreas for free so let me tell you that how I can able to download this

Things You Need to Know that

In Play store most of the Apps are free but there are still some apps and games are still paid which can’t be able to download from play store but there is one way to download apps and games form google which provided by Google itself

Google’s Official App Called Google Opinion Reward This app actually a survey based app which give you survey to you and reward you after completing the survey you rewarded Google Play Credit which it truly you can able to use it Google Play Store

How Google Opinion Reward Works

First You need to download the official Google Opinion Reward App

After downloading You can see Your play credit also there is survey on the top will pop-up if there is survey available App notify you that there is survey is available so how it works here I will show you how you can able to use it right now

Make Sure You downloaded the app

Here is screenshot of the app

How to get gta san andreas on android free snap 1

Here is screenshot of the reward credited

How to get gta san andreas on android free snap 2

As you can see that I already purchased GTA san Andreas

How to get gta san andreas on android free snap 3

So how you can purchased

Simply Go to Play Store

And Purchase App

Make Sure You Play credit sufficient for buying particular App or game

If you having any problem please comment below      

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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

How flashify for root users works to flash recovery in Any Phone

How flashify for root users works to flash recovery in Any Phone

Did You Know flashify for root users works fine in any Device it doesn’t matters which phone you are using in fact it not for the latest android Device it works most of older android phone recently I came to know that for the first time I tried to flash it on my Samsung galaxy dous 2, Android One, Nexus and xiaomi not also that it works perfect if we flash in a proper way 

Most you ask that does we can use flashify without getting Root Question for the first we clear that no practically it not possible most in case flashily ask you to grant the Root Access which not possible on phone which currently not yet Root and you can say this is one of lack of flashily so How flashify for root users works to flash recovery in Any Phone

Why to use Falsify

If you are not used flashify unitl now or installed but you are not having root access which means falsify won,t work Don,t worry in this post we clear all problem regarding the Flasify and what you should do and should not

Reason of Using Flashify

Of The Main cause of using the Flasify for the Flashig the Recovery you can use to do it rather than that you can even do this things form the flasify App right now so what are the things you can do with flasify

Can access the Recovery from the App
Can Backup Kernal
Can Backup Your Recovery
Reboot From the App
Reboot to Recovery
Reboot to Bootloader

Which Device Can be Used to Flash Recovery with Flasify
Well Here the Most of the Device that are currently supports Flasify unless they were not rooted      

Zen PAD 8.0 (Z380KL) (P024)
Zenfone 2(720p) (Z008)
Zenfone 2(1080p)(Z00A)
Zenfone 2(Z00D)
Zenfone 2 Leser (720p)(Z00L)
Zenfone 2 Leser/selfie(1080p)


Aquaris M5 (piccolo)
Aquaris E5 4G (vegetalte) 

One (GSM)(m7)
One(VZW) (m7vzw)
one (2014) (M8)
One 2014 Dual (m8d)
One Max (t6)
One Max(VZW) (t6vzw)


Honor 4X(China telecom) (che10)
Honor 4/4x(cherry)
Honor 5X(kiwi)
Ascend Mate 2(mt2)


Nexus 7 2013 (4G) (deb)
Nexus 7 2013 (Wi-Fi) (Flo)
Nexus 5 (hammerhead)
Nexus 4 (mako)
Android One 2nd Gen (seed)
Nexus 6(Shamu)
Nexus 5X(bullhead)
Nexus 6P(angler)
Pixel 2
Pixel XL
Pixel XL 2
G2 Mini (g2m)
G5 (TMO)(h830)
G3 S (jag3gds)
G3 Beat(Jagnm)
G PAD 7 LTE (V410)
G PAD 8(v480)
G PAD 8.3(v500)
G PAD  x8.0(TMO) (v521)
Optimus L70(w5)


Vibe Z2 Pro(kingdom)

Moto G4/G4 Plus(athene)
Moto X pure(2015) (clark)
Moto E(condor)
Moto G(Falcon)
Moto G4 Play (harpia)
Moto X play (lux)
Moto G3 turbo(merlin)
Moto G (2015) Osprey)
Moto E (2015) (otus)
Moto G 4G (peregrine)
Moto E LTE (2015) (Surnia) 
Moto G 4G 2014(thea)
Moto G 2014(titan)
Moto X 2014(Victara)




One (bacon)

2 (oneplus2)




Find 7a (find7)
Find 7s (find7s)
R7 Plus(r7Plus)


Galaxy S 3 (AT&T) (d2att)
Galaxy S 3 (Sprint) (d2spr)
Galaxy S 3(TMO) (d2tmo)
Galaxy S 3(vzw) (d2vzw)
Galaxy tab s2 9.7 2016 (Wi-fi)
Galaxy tab s2 8.0 2016 (Wi-fi)
Galaxy s 2 (Intl) (i9100)
Galaxy s 3(Intl)(i9300)
Galaxy s5 (china) (kltechn)
Galaxy s5 Dous (china) (klteduos)
Galaxy s5 (vodafone) (Kltedv)
Galaxy s5(AU) (kltekdi)
Galaxy s5(Korea)(Kltespr)
Galaxy s5(USC)(Klteusc)
Galaxy s5 (vzw)(kltevzw)
Galaxy Note 10.1.2014 (LTE) (lt03lte)
Galaxy S9
Galaxy S9+
Galaxy S8
Galaxy S8+
Galaxy s7
Galaxy s7 edge
Galaxy s6
Galaxy s6 Plus

Xperia TX (hayabusa)
Xperia SP (huashan)
Xperia T (mint)
Xperia M(nicki)
Xperia V(tsubasa)


Swift (crackling)


Redmi 2(wt88047)


Redmi 1S (armani)
Mi3w & mi4 (cancro)
Mi5 (gemini)
Mi Max(hydrogen)
Redmi3/Prime (ido)
Redmi Mote 3(kenzo)
Redmi Note 4
Redmi Note 5
Redmi 5A
Redmi 5
Redmi Note 5 
Redmi Note 5 Pro

Here we listed most the device which can easily able to use with flasifhy but wait does it works with no-root no you cannot be able to perform it without we recommend you to first do root checkout below links to know how you can be able to root

I think you understand how to root your phone now we can now use flasify  

Let’s see, does it working now

Recovery Backup

Kernal Backup

                                             GApps Installation  

After opening flasify Just allow the Access the Root Permission

You now noticed that it

So we used it on Android Nougat version 7.1.2 and it working great

First download the App Form here

While Lets see first with non-rooted device might you see following that it says it need to be rooted however this was non-stock android Device now we have the stock android Device which was now rooted

What are the things you can do with  Flasify

So You Rooted

Here The Things You can do with

For The First

You can Do Flash The recovery so here is the option

You Can Backup Recovery

You Can Backup Kernal

Also You Can Install GApps Form Here

So at end you know what to do with this flasify

Is This Works For You Then Please Comment below if not then also comment we try to fix this  

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